About us - Client Testimonials


John and I have worked together on numerous occasions, with John estimating, repairing and undertaking complete fire restorations. He utilizes the latest computer modeling techniques in in his estimates and has completed various jobs in a thoroughly competent manner. The end result has been complete customer satisfaction.

Alfred Elk
President - Alfred Elk Public Insurance Adjusters

I've worked with Laing Enterprises on a variety of projects over the past ten years. The work is excellent and I have always found John to be reliable, thorough and fair, willing to go the extra mile to solve a problem. One time while replacing a porch, he discovered carpenter ants - by the time he called me to tell me, he had already lined up an exterminator and had a solution in mind.

Rebecca Plaut Mautner
Consultant - Affordable Housing & Community Development

John Laing is one of the few contractors with whom I've worked who understands and responds to the needs of an owner/developer with respect to budgetary constraints and the timeliness and quality of performance. He worked hand in hand with me to insure that projects were completed on time, on budget and with quality workmanship. When problems inevitable to construction/development arose, John was sufficiently flexible and knowledgeable to work through the problems to an acceptable solution.

James J. Cotter, III
Attorney At Law

Having contracted with Laing Enterprises for four separate projects since 2003, which included two bathroom demolitions and rebuilds, I cannot recommend it more highly. His crews and workmen were polite and courtesy, and always made a daily effort to leave the job site as clean as possible. John Laing, as supervisor and manager of the projects was always available, often daily on site to manage and direct the work and returned all calls promptly. All of the projects started on time, were completed within the schedule John had initially outlined, and at the priced agreed upon.

Paul Sheils
Attorney - Brookline

"We hired Laing Enterprises to do a major rehab of the rental unit in our two-family house. The schedule was tight --- one month --- and we had new tenants moving in the first day of the next month so there was no room for an overrun. John finished the job on time and on budget and he was a pleasure to work with throughout. We recommend him highly."

Andrew Shalit